Designer Spotlight – Nadia N. Subaran

Nadia N. Subaran of Aidan Design shares her thoughts on healthy homes. Photos by Robert Radifera

Culture – Winter 2024 Editio

Honoring Past physicians at the US Capitol and Taking Care of Ourselves at the Health and Expo Center

Protecting the Control Center

We all know how important the brain is to our lives. The “Control Center” of the body dictates to the

Home Sweet

Cocktails and Mocktails to Toast Your Health

Migraine and New Hope…

Taking the Pain Out of Migraines By Dr. Dean Clerico and Ben Keiser

Why Not to Take Your Hearing for Granted

Studies link hearing loss to a higher risk of loneliness and social isolation. This is not a huge surprise: Humans

Buzz – Winter Edition

All the news you need to know from Washington and beyond

Hot Fitness Tech  

Hot Fitness Tech – New Tech to Inspire Your Fitness Regimes

Southwest Chicken, Avocado and Rice Bowl

Ingredients: Salmon: 12 oz. skinless chicken filets1 tbsp. taco seasoningKosher salt and pepper to taste1 tbsp. olive oil1 Hass avocado,

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